Why Speech and Language Therapy?

  • To improve communication skills 
  • achieve individual goals 
  • build confidence in communicating with others, such as friends
  • improve opportunities to communicate and quality of life

What can we work on?

  • Speech sound difficulties such as missing sounds of words, substituting one sound for another e.g. t-k, 
  • Language delay such as limited word production, reduced confidence in talking with others, 
  • Building confidence in communicating 
  • Advice to parents and teachers to encourage language development

How to move forward:

  • Initial consultation using play and/or informal/formal assessment to find out targets for therapy and to provide initial advice for parents to work on
  • Treatment sessions: individual or group therapy working on individual speech sound targets or individual goals.
  • Parent advice sessions
  • Creating therapy programmes to be completed at home
  • Language groups focusing on Narrative Therapy to encourage language development


  • Clinic appointments
  • School (with permission)
  • Home visits
  • Nursery visits